Support Timothy Halls, Executive Coordinator

Support Timothy Halls, Executive Coordinator

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How You Can Help

Support Tim & Lois

Month-by-month contributions fund my salary and pay for ministry expenses. They make it possible for me to serve a growing movement of Brazilians who are following Christ to serve him in a troubled world and invite others to follow Him.

I currently need 10 new supporters who are willing to contribute $100/mo. Let me know if you are interested.

One time contribution

You don't have to give monthly. You can make occasional or one-time contributions to complete the annual budget for my support and ministry expenses.

Tim's 2019 Travel Budget

In 2019, I plan to spend 10 weeks in Brazil during 4 visits to assist the growth and coordination of a team that can support Brazilian missiologists as they do their research, writing and teaching, and so that they can provide a platform for making solid missiological research available. I also expect to support the work of the Mission Commission of the World Evangelical Commission.

Your contributions can help me meet my funding goal of $12,000.

About This Project

I coordinate the Martureo team. Team members contribute to our shared effort to offer solid missiology to leaders of the Brazilian missions movement so they can lead well and in light of God's mission and grounded practice.

Team members write, publish, teach, translate and organize consultations on issues that arise in the experience of Brazilians in mission in all the world.

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Martureo is the Brazilian Center for Missiological Reflection

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